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please help me update my wagered I Am stock at lvl 2 but my wagered is supposed to be lvl3

Abjad fan

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btc 0.0009309
eth 1.083503912
doge 102215.77329998
trtl 3655.8
eos 0.004
ltc 0.01249
xlm 0.9238
trx 108072.66
xrp 45673.49058999
jb 259401.2
btc 0.00026109
eth 0.53621
doge 277.12271125
trtl 3476.244951565
eos 0.447868177
trx 2.544
xrp 765.8827
jb 69347.00704544


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Just now, nesrin said:

Hi can you please help I didnt understan on the Requirements to reach level one. It says you need more 100 Xp which I have already. And this wagered mentality.. If I count all my wagered sessions from all coins I was supposed to reach level one am I mistake. 


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If it says you need 100 more xp, then you need 100 more than you currently have.

Im not sure about your coin value

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