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How to play you first game without buying crypto within a few days


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How to put Crypto in your wallet within a week without buying anything (can be faster if you are diligent and consistent):

First, choose the coins you want to focus on. Don't focus on more than three coins as you probably won't have enough energy to manage everything.
Second, make a new gmail email (or use one from before if you don't care about mails from these websites) to manage everything cleanly. Keep it open we are going to register a lot.
Don't close tabs going forward, it will be less annoying.

1) Get a Wallet that is free (don't worry too much about buying expensive wallets as you have nothing to lose):
My Suggestion ->   https://www.exodus.com/
I have used it for about a year with no problem and it supports most of the currency taken in at bcgames.

2) Get an account on faucetpay:

  2A) Now link your wallet address from exodus (copy it from exodus) to faucetpay(on User Dashboard there is a Linked Address button) for the coins that you are interested in.

3)Register on faucetoshi:

 3A) Claim the faucet as soon as you make the account (every 15min). Stop visiting this site for now, we will come back later.

4)Register on here:

 4A) Click on EARN button there are two roll buttons (every 30min), play and win and again stop for now on this website.

5)Register on here:

 5A) Claim the faucet and move on (every 30min).

6/same ranking as 5)Register on here:

 6A) Claim Daily bonus (every day) and Claim faucet (every 5min).

7)Register on here: This faucet renews (every 5 minutes) and pays your faucetpay account. Focus on the coins you choose at beginning.

BTC-> https://claimfreecoins.io/free-bitcoin/?r=bc1qlmxhdvygpxvwna3s5ntdfcx5fmtxj5gkhl5nl5

ETH-> https://claimfreecoins.io/free-ethereum/?r=0x88f7e8dE93329FF091bF69AA156428c290476aAC

DOGE -> https://claimfreecoins.io/free-dogecoin/?r=D9y9iw7h4LA1oQ9yQMGE7z9PvSkW2NJRKg

LTC -> https://claimfreecoins.io/free-litecoin/?r=LNV9eDnMKtkUgLfoUi5L5iphTzSJe5m4Nm

TRON-> https://claimfreecoins.io/free-tron/?r=TNEMu2jCGa7utBnh7uBQE7WEi5v457oK1B

BNB -> https://claimfreecoins.io/free-binance/?r=0x88f7e8dE93329FF091bF69AA156428c290476aAC

DASH -> https://claimfreecoins.io/free-dash/?r=XcrwGn7nQicNHSDpqLfVKjNAL6M5NAb3FT

Skip this section for normies. Now, optional ones for people that want to go above and beyond:

8)Register on here:

 8A)Claim the wallet and challenges (every 30min).

9)Register on here, but know that I haven't withdrawn coins from here yet. Why I suggest this one? Because each hour you can roll a win for at least 4 Satoshi with a captcha where you just need to click once on the you are not a robot button; and they give you 1 "spin the wheel" in email everyday too! You can also bet here as well as play dice and stuff.

 9A)Claim the free coins (every 1 hour).

COME BACK those who want to  know what to do next after STEP 7:

Go to No. 3 website:

Quickly do all the PTC, there are 10 and they pay the best (take 10 mins max). Now click on Achievements button and claim all the done ones. Throughout the day the maximum faucet achievement is 25 try to collect as much as you can. It is very simple and easy. Then use the energy from achievements to click on autofaucet. By the time you are done with this for the day you can definitely withdraw to the faucetpay account. It take 15min(for each faucet claim sprinkled throughout the day) and 10 min for PTC. So quick right?

Now, Go to No.4 website:

Do as many Shortlinks and PTC as you can. Got to homepage. Scroll down, choose 5times pay and every 4 minutes  (trust me this is the best combination without losing your dutchies). Select the coins you want and start autofaucet. This site can withdraw to faucet pay and  direct for most coins. Withdraw to faucetpay because direct will charge fees, faucetpay charges those fees too , so you only want to pay once no matter how small the fee maybe.

Now, Go to 5 & 6:

Complete PTC and SL. On 6 you won't be able to withdraw everyday for all the coins, just work patiently and you can definitely do it in 2 days.

You can also play games on faucetpay to increase your coins.

Obviously, you choose the pace that you are comfortable with. The task can be boring, but you are getting free crypto to play and music/podcast in the background helps too.
Personally, I do PTC & SL for  #3 in morning, for #5 around afternoon, and for #4&6 in evening and night. And I try to claim as many faucets as possible throughout the day.

I will keep updating with better  deals and stuff if enough people  are interested. Please do comment now and a week later to confirm my claims. It took a lot of work to put this together but it works for every single site above.


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