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I am not a dev, i am just a BA, so I can not take part as participant in this Ha-ha-talk Hakhathon therefore I worked a lot with SLA of making some features more user friendly. So, after reading  upper written ideas about how to develop, I just want to mention once again the key words which  listed  below.

  1.  third party tool/script

  2. usable by non-devs 

  3. user friendly 

  4. open-source 

  5. original work, not a copy of existed tool (in meaning if you are not its owner/dev...)

If someone once upon a time would ask my opinion about what it has to look like I`ll answear that it`s better to realised it not as a script with instruction placed on the BC site next to games, because users could still have some suspisious about using even yours third party placed on github or I dont now where else tool or script developrd by yours bare hands and souls brains. Because what if BC will once change the algorythm hiddenly from anyone? It is their site, the content is their property, and it is a nice business to have a casino with house edge in their own games promised on the lowest level  eou could image ever - only 1%, and additionaly their own on-site tool, created "under 3d parties devs label"... "...may be yes may be no - who knows exectly?" - that what those users could be thinking about... And I only may add to their thoughts one of my own:: "Yeah, this BC-guys are going towards the success and millions dollars wealthness... but not with the help of my money I earned working so hard...""

So it should be a Telegramm bot, which could be simply opened from BC by clicking on a link or a button. The key difference is that the Telegram is an app which belonged  tio the users as they think  (ofcause, it is not proper exectly, but at least users installed it from appstor ore google play themselfs, and not because BC wants it), the tool is not more a part of BC site content - it is open source bot which able to be used by any casino(?) and/or to be added to users chats  / groups / communities in Telegram, gathering from group to group the number of its own users (subscribers). It is something like a mini gambling Skynet, being created by human's devs, but having "ran away"" sonewhere to the World Wide Web loosing any relations to its "bot fathers'" and BC.games, as a devs stakeholder, and becaming some kind of  a "wild thing" in rhe worlds gambling comunity.  B[)

P.S. Find me if you will need a BA  to make busineass requirements for such a bot or any other)) 

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