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Hey Skele, thanks for reaching out.

I have little knowledge around the coding side of scripts so your input is greatly appreciated. 

I guess your right with regards to patterns so I’m going to hold off posting them here.

For me I just need the foundations to be able to adapt the script as and when  I want to switch strategies. 

The ultimate goal would be to have a script that provides advance betting options which are available as standard on other sites. Such as the add conditional blocks, after x amount of losses switch side etc. I get that currently the options would be limited here.


If you could create the bet based on balance % and option to switch side based on previous bet outcome or something similar as you suggest would be a great milestone.

With regards to logging im not too much focused on this, basic will do. But if it’s easy to add more details then feel free.


ps. I tested your crash script I found in another thread. I like it a lot! Just bc gets the better of me  when I step things up a notch or two.

feel free to PM me!




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