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help me plz


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Hello, try to practice with JB and come up with different strategies to different games or one you prefer. That way you will get grip of the game better and also have an idea how formulate long term and short term win goals.


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Heya, welcome to the BcGame family. 

As Danny777 mentioned, you need first to test the games and understand them using JB practise coins. Get started with the most simple game on the Platform - DICE

Here are guides on different in-house games and how to play them on different settings - https://help.bc.game/en/category/casino-games-1cq4d6t/

Also, please note that there is no bulletproof strategy to win in gambling, and there is no specific formula or mathematical calculation which results in winnings all the time. It's a game of luck, which is why we call it gambling.

However, understanding the game's rules will give you a better chance of winning. I would also like to let you know that we offer a wide range of bonuses for our users, have a look at them here - https://help.bc.game/en/category/bonuses-and-promotions-1opfhgp/

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